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Used in cnsuperpower Forest King Log Splitter

Sunday, March 12 2017 8:56:31PM

3. Log Splitter in the course of the use of regular maintenance must be done to \"three by repair seven by maintenance\"; must be strictly according to the engine requirements of the fuel and lubricants label, quality and mixing ratio (two stroke Gasoline engine) to raise. For example, the B & S engine lubricants to use SAE40 oil, the initial use of the engine 5 hours after the replacement of oil, after running every 50 hours to replace once; gasoline to use more than 93 labels of gasoline or unleaded petrol.

4. According to the height of the lawn and pruning machinery to determine the reasonable ability to cut and stubble height. Pruning cycles should be as short as possible, and the amount of pruning should be as small as possible. The lawnmower should work at lower load conditions; the long grass should be trimmed at the same time to follow the 1/3 principle.

5. Try to avoid irrigation, after the rain or dew and other large grass lawn humidity higher than the case of pruning lawn, grass wet easy to cause mechanical blockage and slip, and slip will accelerate the mechanical wear.

6. Blade to keep sharp, smooth, tail to be intact. Blunt blade will not only affect the landscape effect of the lawn, but also easy to provide environmental conditions for the infection of the disease. Before cutting, check whether the cutting point of the blade is at the same height, and the uneven blade can not trim the lawn and use it for a long time to damage the machine. Good tail to ensure that the volute volute formed within the volute enough to make the grass upright up the air, so that the cutting is done clean, fast and effective, while there is enough air to the grass to the grass bag.

7. The speed of the lawnmaker should be limited to the shearing machine cutter can effectively cut grass and row grass, and can maintain a good pruning quality range: too fast walking speed will reduce the quality of lawn machinery work, but also easy Damage to machinery, affecting the life of pruning machinery, but also easily lead to security incidents. Lawn trimmers are one of the most commonly used garden machinery in landscaping, and are also used in Forest King Log Splitterámanagement. Therefore, how to properly use the lawn trimmer is very important. The following describes the use of a few issues should be noted for the operation of the user reference.

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