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Proper use of automotivedrivingbelt V Belt

Sunday, March 12 2017 8:37:57PM

Seat belt inside the device V Belt Supply has a card wheel, if the fast pull seat belts, such as the occurrence of violent collision or emergency braking in the case of the inside of the clip will be due to the rapid rotation of the belt roller was centrifugal force out, The seat belt is locked and the seat is fixed on the chair. To be inertia after the past. From a series of actions to achieve the purpose of ensuring the safety of the driver\'s personal safety.

Proper use of seat belts

(1) seat belts should be hanging low, pay attention to prevent the swing, collision;

(2) the various parts of the seat belt do not arbitrarily removed, replace the rope when the replacement;

(3) Do not use the lanyard knot, the hook should be hung on the rope ring, do not hang directly on the rope;

(4) should avoid spiked material before use, do not touch the fire and acid and other corrosive substances.

The current use of seat belts is GB6096-85, the use of the main points are:

(1) V Beltáin use should be hook, ring hanging prison, card fastening. Should be used to hang low with the method, as far as possible to avoid parallel bolt hanging, avoid low hanging high (increase the impact, prone to danger).

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