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Components of the High Frequency Welding Machine

Sunday, March 12 2017 8:11:18PM

The advantages of quick installation are similar to the insert bending in the mold design. Each part of the fitting is melted to form a plastic protrusion or plastic pipe or other extrusion fitting. The advantage of this approach lies in the handling of fast, small internal pressure, good appearance and overcoming the nature of the material. Point welding: spot welding is not reserved or energy control of the two thermoplastic components of the High Frequency Welding Machine Spot welding can also produce a strong adhesive structure, especially for some large accessories, with protruding plastic sheet or cast thermoplastic and those complex structure, it is difficult to enter the joint surface of the product. Cut: Cut and seal some orderly and disorderly thermoplastic material for the ultrasonic process. In this way the edge of the seal is not cracked, and there is no burr, curling phenomenon. Textiles Each film is sealed with textile products and some film seals can also be used for ultrasound. It can be implemented on the film tightening, but also on the textile to clean the local cut and sealed. Stitching also played a decorative role.

Plastic doors and windows two-point welding machine is used for plastic doors and windows welding processing equipment. The machine uses single-chip control, pneumatic transmission, two heads can work alone, but also work or combination of work. In this paper, some typical faults of the equipment are analyzed and solved.

1. Welding machine in the use of a period of time after the phenomenon of leakage, especially the welding head in the moving process. Between the bearing and the guide rails found crackling discharge sound. Much of this is due to the leakage of the internal resistance wire between the welded plate and the solder plate shell (aluminum material), resulting in charging the entire equipment. As long as the use of a new heating plate and make the device reliable grounding to ensure safety.

2. Heating plate without temperature. After the power off with a multimeter to check the HF Welder plate resistance in 46Ω or so. Normal: Check the temperature control instrument and its accessories, also normal. After the problem is found in the temperature control table and the welding plate between the poor contact, troubleshooting troubleshooting.

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