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Floor Transmission Jack can mean different things
A Floor Transmission Jack can mean different things depending on where you use it. The jack used in most car repair shops or garages to lift cars and make repairs conveniently under the car or a tire is called an automotive floor jack. However, another jack is utilized to raise bigger \'things\' like buildings or houses that needs its beams to be replaced because they are sagging. The last type of jack is used for phone connections. It got its name because it is typically installed on the floor and wall intersection. Notice how all equipment are called floorjacks but have entirely different meanings and purposes.

While there are a lot of different jacks available, this article would only focus on the first type of floorjack mentioned: automotive floor jacks. The other two types of jacks will be reserved for a different article.

Automotive Jacks
It is common for people to always associate the term \'floor jacks\' with automotive floor jacks as this had always been the first floorjacks produced. This one uses a pump arm, hydraulics or air compression to raise ...Read More
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