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Bernice Sparks

Feeling: Blissful

Used in cnsuperpower Forest King Log Splitter

3. Log Splitter in the course of the use of regular maintenance must be done to \"three by repair seven by maintenance\"; must be strictly according to the engine requirements of the fuel and lubricants label, quality and mixing ratio (two stroke Gasoline engine) to raise. For example, the B & S engine lubricants to use SAE40 oil, the initial use of the engine 5 hours after the replacement of oil, after running every 50 hours to replace once; gasoline to use more than 93 labels of gasoline or unleaded petrol.

4. According to the height of the lawn and pruning machinery to determine the reasonable ability to cut and stubble height. Pruning cycles should be as short as possible, and the amount of pruning should be as small as possible. The lawnmower should work at lower load conditions; the long grass should be trimmed at the same time to follow the 1/3 principle.

5. Try to avoid irrigation, after the rain or dew and other large grass lawn humidity higher than the case of pruning lawn, grass wet easy to cause mechanical blockage and slip, and slip will accelerate the mechanical ...Read More

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Bernice Sparks

Feeling: Aggravated

Proper use of automotivedrivingbelt V Belt

Seat belt inside the device V Belt Supply has a card wheel, if the fast pull seat belts, such as the occurrence of violent collision or emergency braking in the case of the inside of the clip will be due to the rapid rotation of the belt roller was centrifugal force out, The seat belt is locked and the seat is fixed on the chair. To be inertia after the past. From a series of actions to achieve the purpose of ensuring the safety of the driver\'s personal safety.

Proper use of seat belts

(1) seat belts should be hanging low, pay attention to prevent the swing, collision;

(2) the various parts of the seat belt do not arbitrarily removed, replace the rope when the replacement;

(3) Do not use the lanyard knot, the hook should be hung on the rope ring, do not hang directly on the rope;

(4) should avoid spiked material before use, do not touch the fire and acid and other corrosive substances.

The current use of seat belts is GB6096-85, the ...Read More

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Bernice Sparks

Feeling: Bittersweet

Components of the High Frequency Welding Machine

The advantages of quick installation are similar to the insert bending in the mold design. Each part of the fitting is melted to form a plastic protrusion or plastic pipe or other extrusion fitting. The advantage of this approach lies in the handling of fast, small internal pressure, good appearance and overcoming the nature of the material. Point welding: spot welding is not reserved or energy control of the two thermoplastic components of the High Frequency Welding Machine Spot welding can also produce a strong adhesive structure, especially for some large accessories, with protruding plastic sheet or cast thermoplastic and those complex structure, it is difficult to enter the joint surface of the product. Cut: Cut and seal some orderly and disorderly thermoplastic material for the ultrasonic process. In this way the edge of the seal is not cracked, and there is no burr, curling phenomenon. Textiles Each film is sealed with textile products and some film seals can also be used for ultrasound. It can be implemented on the film tightening, but also on the textile to clean the local cut and sealed. Stitching also ...Read More

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